How to hack a Facebook Account all begins with these relevant introductions. A ‘face book’ is a student directory featuring personal information as well as photos. Similarly, Facebook is a popular social networking website where you can give information about yourself and share pictures. It was launched by Mark Zuckerberg, a software developer and some of his former college mates on February 4, 2004. The website has been successfully running since then with more than one billion users internationally.

How to Hack a Facebook Account

It can be accessed from devices like smartphones, personal tablets, and computers with internet connectivity. Various ways people use the website include:

– Networking

– Promote job opportunities

– Share blog posts

– Educate and inspire others

– Connect with friends and family

– Market products and services.

First-time users register to join by giving their full names, email address, date of birth, gender and password. After signing up, users create a customized profile revealing the information that they give.

NB: Learning how to hack a facebook account is purely for educational purposes.

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How to Hack a Facebook Account

Is Facebook safe? How to Hack a Facebook Account from Home

Firstly, it is password protected which means that the user has complete control over it hence can make it difficult for others to access it by using various combinations that would be hard to figure out. Secondly, Facebook has a built-in security called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) that encrypts any data transmitted while using the website, from login information to private chat conversations. Lastly, its’ servers have anti-intrusion systems and anti-virus programs. They are responsible for preventing hackers (like us) from intruding and keep their systems free from security threats that may arise from virus infections respectively.

However, Facebook is still prone to hackers even with the above security measures put in place. Considering that it has the most number of users than any other site from large companies and enterprises to individuals, it has become a target for hacking and spamming activities. Lots of sensitive and personal information is shared through it.

How to Hack a Facebook Account — Methods

1. Reset the Password

This is certainly the easiest way to hack into someone’s Facebook. Here’s how,

· STEP 1: Get your friend’s Facebook email login. In case you don’t already know it, try looking through the Contact Information section or use scrapping tools like ‘The Harvester’ that is used to mine for email addresses

· STEP 2: Click on Forgotten your password? option and key in the victim’s email address. Their account should come up. Afterward, click This is my account.

· STEP 3: Next, it will ask if you would like to reset the password via the victim’s emails then press No longer have access to these? This is because the individual’s email will not help

· STEP 4: It will now ask How can we reach you? Type in an email you prefer to use. Ensure it is not linked to any other Facebook account.

· STEP 5: It will now ask you whether you’re close friends with the victim. Make an educated guess if you don’t know about them. When successful you will manage to change the password and wait 24 hours to login into their account. If not you can click on Recover your account with help from friends which allows you to choose from three to five friends. This is the most direct way to learn how to hack a Facebook Account.

2. Use a keylogger software

This is a software that secretly records an individual’s keyboard activity. One will have to manually download the software on the other person’s computer. Many keylogger softwares can show you how to hack a Facebook Account, for instance, Spyrix and Refog.

Hardware keyloggers can be used the same way as the software keyloggers. Comparatively, a USB drive needs to be connected to the victim’s computer to record keyword patterns. For the drive to take a summary it needs to be plugged in for at least 24 hours. Subsequently, the drive will save a summary of the keystrokes that the hacker will retrieve by simply plugging in the USB drive into his/her computer.

3. Phishing

It is a technical process and in order to be successful to learn how to hack a Facebook Account, one will need to follow the following steps:

  • STEP 1: Visit the facebook website and ensure that you are not logged into Facebook. Once there, right-click on the blank area, you will see an option prompting you to view the source page. You will need to click on this prompt.
  • STEP 2: Thereafter, you will see an open tab, which will contain the source code of the Facebook login page. When there, press the Control key + U to view the source code.
  • STEP 3: After viewing the source code, select the code and then copy it to a notepad by pressing the Control key + F.
  • STEP 4: After pasting your code to a notepad, you will have to type the word “action” but without any quotation marks into the note pad. This will enable you to find the action attribute of the login form in the source code you cracked. While still there, replace the action attribute with process.php because it was initially filled in with Facebook’s login process URL. Thereafter, a replica of the original Facebook login page will be seen.
  • STEP 5: Search again to ensure that you have gotten hold of text that resembles this one here: action=“”.
  • STEP 6: Get the name of the input fields, it is necessary to use an inspect element by pressing the Control key +Shift + I, if you are using Google’s Chrome. Delete all the text that appears in green and replace it with post.php. After, you need to ensure that it looks like = “post.php.”

Still learning how to hack into a Facebook account? Take a 15 minute break and stretch your legs.

15 Minutes Later…

  • STEP 7: Save the above on your computer or a hard drive using the name index.htm. You will then have succeeded in making a fake page that is almost identical to the real Facebook one.
  • STEP 8: Create a PHP file then open a new notepad and copy the code and save it using the name post.php. At this stage, you will have succeeded in creating two main files, namely the index.htm and post.php.
  • STEP 9: Upload the above files onto a free website hosting site.
  • STEP 10: Sign up for the free hosting service by inputting all the necessary details the signup form will request you to provide. Once you have completed setting up your account, you will have to log into your account using your username and access code.
  • STEP 11: Open your control panel then click on the file manager to allow a new window to pop up. Here, you will have to move to a public HTML.
  • STEP 12: Delete the default.php file. Upload the index.htm and post.php files by clicking on the upload file button one at a time. Thereafter, click on the index.htm file.
  • STEP 13: Copy the URL of your fake page and then send it to your target user on facebook. They will think it is the real Facebook page they usually use to log into their accounts. When the user tries filling in their credentials, the page will redirect them to Facebook. This way, you will be able to see what they are doing with all their login details displaying on your end. However, you need to ensure that you have shortened your URL before sending it to your target user. If it is too long, Facebook may detect your phishing attempt.

However, this method isn’t as effective because people have become more careful about the website they are logging into and also install email phishing filters on their computer. It is not such a recommended method of how to hack a Facebook account.

4. Man in the Middle Attack

By using this method the attacker makes a new connection or fake WiFi network and forces the users to work through it. It is a rather technical procedure. The two softwares needed are SSL Strip and Ettercap.

· STEP 1: Open the SSL strip software and go to the SSL Strip tab section and then click on the Auto Check button

· STEP 2: Go back to SSL Strip software and click on the scan. Here you will see the IP address of the visitor from the same network. You have to select the victim’s IP from here. The victim has to be connected. After that select the victims IP address and click on the open button

· STEP 3: Open the Ettercap software and go to the sniff tab. After that select your network interface there and click on the ok button.

· STEP 4: Select the host tab and then begin scanning the IP addresses. Click on host list to see the router and other connected devices on the IP and MAC address. Select your router IP as target 1 and then the victim IP as target 2.

· STEP 5: Choose the attack you need to perform by selecting MITM then ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) and click on ok

· STEP 6: Wait for the victim to log into facebook for you to see the username and password in plain text in your sniffing tool. Now you know how to hack a Facebook account using the MITM method.

5. Using social engineering

Social engineering works only if the person has a weak password. As long as you are a good guesser, you can easily know how to hack a Facebook account. It involves guessing answers to security questions that the user set to log into their Facebook account.

Some common passwords that people use include:

  • Year of birth
  • Marriage anniversary or birthday of their children
  • Names of their spouse and/or children, favorite movie, or pet
  • Mobile phone numbers.

Often times, details are listed on the victim’s Facebook page. The only disadvantage is that there are limited tries. It is one of the least effective ways to learn how to hack a Facebook account.

6. Botnets

A botnet is a collection of computers infected with a malicious software that allows the attacker to steal data and send spam. They are not commonly used for learning how to hack a Facebook account since it’s costly to set up. The infection process is similar to keylogging however, a Botnet gives you additional options for carrying out attacks with the compromised computer. Examples of botnets include Zeus and Spyeye.

7. Mobile Phone Hacking

Millions of Facebook users access the site through their mobile phones. All the hacker needs to do is can gain access to the victim’s mobile phone. There are several Mobile Spying softwares one can use to monitor a cell phone. All these software are on sale just contact our admin at

Buy and learn how to hack a facebook account now.

8. DNS Spoofing

If both the victim and attacker are on the same network, an attacker can use a DNS spoofing attack and change the original Facebook page to his fake page and hence can get access to the victim’s account.

9. Sidejacking With Firesheep

Learning how to hack a Facebook account using this method only works when the attacker and victim are on the same connection. It is carried out by stealing an individual’s access to a website, mostly done on wireless public networks. It is relatively similar to https hijacking.

10. Session Hijacking

It can be carried out if both the user and hacker are on https://connection. The hacker steals the cookies used by the victim and uses them to access the victim’s account.

As much as we have enjoyed to tell you the various ways how to hack into a Facebook account, we will also tell you how to secure your account.

Various ways in which one can avoid being a victim:

· Do not click on suspicious links. If you receive a link, always take the extra step of asking your friend what the link is to confirm that they had sent it. Usually, these links are ‘sent’ without the sender’s knowledge. This includes all links that appear in your Facebook Chat, Messages, and friend’s status post or from your email

· Never give out your Facebook username or password to anyone, including websites with suspicious links and layouts. Giving your passwords freely could jeopardize the security of your personal information on Facebook

· Log in only at and not from any other link or website, unless you are accessing via Facebook App

· Update your browser to ensure its’ security is up to date so it would detect and alert you with a warning when you are navigating to a suspected phishing site.

· Confirm your mobile number

· Lastly which is the most important of all, never forget to log out from your Facebook account. Otherwise anyone can learn how to hack a Facebook account with ease.

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